10 things I have been up to during the self-isolation period-COVID-19

It’s been about two weeks since I last stepped foot at work because of the directive by government to allow employees to work from home if possible in order to reduce transmission of Coronavirus amongst individuals in Kenya. As at now, the number of those infected with the deadly virus in Kenya has risen to 72. This is a worrying trend because it is estimated by the Ministry of Health that by mid-April the number of infected persons may be upto 5000. God help us.

I will share some of the 10 things have been doing to keep myself busy during this period that we have been advised to stay home in order to keep safe. It is not easy but we have to d exactly that. It’s only been two weeks for me but I feel like it’s already too much. But do I have a choice

Working on my blog

Its been a minute since I started my blog and I’m working hard to create as many posts as [possible now that I’m staying home for most of the time. During the previous months I have been juggling work and the blog and its not been easy at times.

Checking my work emails

Given the nature of my job, working from from home is almost impossible because of the nature of the business. However, it is important for me to check my work emails from time to time in order to stay updated. This is very important at this time when employees have been advised against holding face to face meetings.

Learning a new skill

At the beginning of 2020, I started learning French and little did I know that my classes would soon be put on hold. But thanks to the online community that has consistently evolved with time. I am now able to have online lessons. This is one of the major things that has been keeping me occupied at this time.

Working on my CV

On 7th March 2020, I took time to attend a CV writing training session that was organized by the human resource practitioners in my local church. I learnt a lot of things that have began implementing in my CV. I mean before that I thought I had a CV which I would say was averagely done. I need excellence. So I’m yet to finish revamping my CV with all the great ideas I learnt from the workshop.

Updating my Linkedin profile

How often do we get time to update our Linkedin profiles.Linkedin has become the largest social professional network. If you are a professional who is determined to grow or a job seeker who is really determined to find a job then Linkedin is not an option. I know people who have landed jobs through Linkedin. I have been contacted through Linkedin by potential employers. Sign up for an account if you don’t have one and start growing you network. You never know. For those who are in, make sure it’s up to date. I think I’ll write a whole post about this since there’s so much to talk about here.

Reading Books

Reading opens the closed pores in our minds. I have gained a wealth of knowledge by reading. You don’t need to read 10 books in a month. Just one is okay. I recently completed this book that I really enjoyed reading every chapter The book have been reading is called ‘No Place Like Home’ by Fern Michaels, this was a good read I swear. Before that I read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. That’s my namesake right there. Which books have you been reading?

Catching up with loved ones

It’s been a minute since I bonded with my brothers and parents as well. I felt this really huge gap.We are all adults now and everyone is busy doing their thing. Gone are the ds when all five of us would fit in one big couch. I really miss those old days. Wasn’t ife just perfect and more chilled than it now? Many a times we all get caught up in our busy schedules that we sometimes forget check on our loved ones. This has been the perfect opportunity since nobody is in a hurry to leave because of work or school although it would have been better without corona.

Reflecting on life and just having a peace of mind

Life is a puzzle. One we are at our peak and the next day we are crumbling down. Who hasn’t experienced this puzzle? Ask me about it in my 20+ years of life; I mean my under 3 decades of living. I will narrate to you in detail. But I love to reflect on the happy times more. For some reason I forget about the sad times very fast because they neither define me or you. I love peace because it is beautiful. Where’s the time for drama especially at this time when we are at the mercy of God?

Adding more things to my vision board

At the beginning of 2020 we all had big plans but nobody knew what would become of this year. Who knew about Covid-19? Who knew about the vocabulary called quarantine that has now become the most popular word? The reality of a disease has hit the world. But who are we to stop being hopeful? Who are we to think that all our 2020 plans have been buried under the soil? No. I haven’t written off my 2020 plans and even added more goals on my vision board during this time of isolation.

Organizing my space

I have more time on my plate to tidy up my space. It is only on weekends that I would do this but most of the time in a hurry. One of the things I have done is to get rid of all the clothing that no longer fit and keep them away. My mind is also more organized now and relaxed.



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