Things to consider in the initial stages of blogging

Well, I’m penning down the 19th post. I published my first post about what it’s like to have Keratoconus (KC) on 20th October 2019. It’s been a minute since I began my journey of writing and I happy with the work I have managed to put together. At first, I wanted the blog to be entirely about KC but then I realized there’s so much inspiration and motivation to put out there, more happiness and self-discovery that comes with every situation. Therefore, I settled to write about my style, my inspiration and KC journey thus Atienos World was established. I will expand my wings with time and maybe change my blog name from Atienos World.

Talking about Keratoconus

Talking about KC, I definitely have so much content that I want to write about KC just mainly to inform and educate. In my first post, I explained what KC is and the major impacts it has on individuals. I have also talked about crosslinking, an eye surgery performed on those with KC with an aim of slowing down or stopping the progression of the disease in the cornea. There is still a lot I want to share about KC mainly just to inspire and motivate those with the condition and may be thinking it’s the end of the road. No, it can’t be and will never be. One thing I will not lie about is the fact that KC is very expensive. Most insurers also run away from covering the contact lenses that help in managing the situation because they are aware of the high costs.

Is your plan coming along?

My plan when I started this blog was to be putting out a post at least on a weekly basis. So far I managed to follow that schedule but at times I’m stuck on to write about and when to write. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have no ideas on what to write about but for me to write I have to be in the mood. That’s what writing means to me. I don’t force it. All of the posts written in this blog have been penned down from deep within my heart. I love writing when ideas freely flow from my heart as opposed to when I’m struggling. This is passion not a forced thing. So when I don’t feel like what I’m writing is easily flowing, I tend to imagine it would not be great for the readers. I like it when my work turns out to be excellent and not just average.

We all struggle with our passion

I can’t sit here and pretend that we don’t struggle with our passions. The truth is that we do at times. There are moments when I feel so psyched up and energized to write but again there are low moments when I feel extremely lazy to write even when I got extra time. I still have an 8 to 5pm job so it’s upon me to schedule my writing times wisely and conveniently. Most of my posts are written in the mornings when my brain is fresh and my spirit is high. With this I can type for approximately 40 minutes non-stop. The ideas I intend to put together just trickle down like tear drops. This is my definition of passion and to be specific writing. That’s when I enjoy writing posts and eagerly wait to publish them on my blog. It takes a lot of time and a considerable amount of funds to build a blog. I wouldn’t be satisfied when I put up something that deep within I’m not pleased with after all the work involved in building a blog.

Photoshoots for my blog posts

I’m stuck at doing photo shoots. As a blogger this is an important aspect. Good photos improve the general outlook of the blog and as a result may drive more traffic to a blog. I have been planning to do more photo shoots for my posts but that has not picked up as I expected for the better part of January. The last photo shoot I had was in December although I have done my research and sampled a few sites that have free photos that any blogger can download and use for his or her posts. I can also use photos from Instagram but for this I have to attribute the photo to the owner. As much as I have all those options, I still love using my personal photos in my blog and I believe they make every blog have the personal feel since the author has control over the quality and type of photos. Besides, it makes the readers connect with author and know the author better.

How has it been designing my blog own blog?

Although I’m trying to figure out ways to improve on certain features of my blog especially the appearance, I’m thrilled that I aced some like embedding my social media profiles (Facebook and Instagram) to the footer and sidebar parts of my blog. I learnt the hard way. I really wanted to my readers to be connected to me on social media. Social presence is very critical for any blogger or vlogger. I didn’t know that it’s all about finding the right plugins in WordPress. I find this Content Management System(CMS) very user friendly. One major point to note especially for those using WordPress is that for any new sophisticated feature you are looking for in order to improve your site’s appearance, you need to find a plugin for the feature, install and then activate the plugin. If you like coding, you try that option. Read and follow instructions on how to use the plugin. Currently, I have been working on designing an appealing landing page for my site. Girl! It’s been days, weeks and months and I haven’t come up with anything yet, but I will soon.

Was my Adsense account approved?

After writing for a month or so, I started thinking of ways I would monetize my blog in future, but not now guys because it doesn’t work that fast with blogging unless luck falls your way. Remember I have been blogging for about three months. I tried out Adsense. So I downloaded Google Sitekit and followed the whole process of applying for an AdSense account and my account was approved at the first attempt of applying. It doesn’t have to be all difficult all the time. Right?

When you apply for an Adsense account, the Google team has to review your blog or website and get back to you in 24 hours with an email. It may be a decline or an approval. Then with the approval you set up ads on your site depending on how and where you want the ads to appear. I will talk about the whole concept of Google Adsense in a whole post since there is a lot to talk about. For now I’m just working with the auto-ads feature of Adsense but with time I’m planning on changing that because I have to many ads popping up all over my site that could hinder readers from noticing my own content which is key. I also have the in-article Adsense feature enabled which I think I’ll keep.

Building my blog

I really want direct most of my energy into writing more content on a regular basis and improving the general appearance of my blog. I want to focus on writing engaging and captivating content and work on using appealing media for the readers to have the very best that the visitors will be converted into regular readers and a strong community of readers will be formed out of this. I believe this is passion turned into business and an investment. I’m praying for His guidance because He enables us to accomplish all that we genuinely work hard towards.

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