Things to consider in the initial stages of blogging

Well, I’m penning down the 19th post. I published my first post about what it’s like to have Keratoconus (KC) on 20th October 2019. It’s been a minute since I began my journey of writing and I happy with the work I have managed to put together. At first, I wanted the blog to be entirely about KC but then I realized there’s so much inspiration and motivation to put out there, more happiness and […]

One day I’ll say I did it!

One day I’ll say I created and designed my own blog and talk about the inspiration behind it, One day I’ll remember that very first post I published at, One day I’ll say I followed my passion and fulfilled my purpose, One day I’ll be thankful for not sticking to what did not create satisfaction, One day I’ll wonder where all the energy and courage came from, One day I’ll imagine what the inspiration […]

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