The art of colour blocking

Let us get straight to it. We are going to talk about color blocking and the unique fashion sense it portrays. Color blocking has now become the norm. Gone are the days when certain colors would not be slayed together while certain colors were considered non-matching. Today it’s amazing how you can combine red and yellow, red and green, green and yellow name it and still look fabulous. That didn’t seem to work many well […]

10 Stylish Ways to wear Denim Shorts

Hi lovely people, today it’s about denim shorts. I’m going to illustrate 10 cool ways to pull off that cool denim shorts look with your favorite top or shirt. Take a look. The first photo is of me with my favorite pair of denim shorts, a black top with ankle boots. The brown belt highlights that bold look intended for such an outfit. Number 1 c/o martin-lopez Number 2 is c/o kal-visuals Number is c/o […]

Sophistication and power, all in one

I wear black on the outside because that is how I feel in the inside. Black makes everything classier, elegant and brings out the power feel. Black is beautiful. How do you describe black? Do you love black? The lacing on the arm area is just magical for me. The design makes the dress beautiful and girly. The light pink hair flower emphasizes gentleness and brings out that adorable and defined feminine look. I have […]

The color of health, vitality and energy

Let’s talk about the color orange. This color signifies health, vitality and energy. Orange is one of my favorite colors because of its bold nature. It brings out life where there seems to be nothing, adds light where there is darkness and just fills the atmosphere with genuine warmth. Gone are the days when combining two bright colors was considered as color clashing. It all depends on how you choose to pair you colors. The […]

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