2019 Christmas vibe

Hey guys, hope your doing well and enjoying your Christmas. For me Christmas would not be complete without the playlist below: We wish you a Merry Christmas Jingle Bells Twelve Days of Christmas Silent Night Deck the Halls All I want for Christmas is you So this is Christmas O Holy Night Feliz Navidad Joy to the World Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! CHEERS AND LOVE!

Hit the gym in style!

Ladies, let’s grab a hot cup of coffee and talk about that outfit that inspires us to hit the gym. For my case my favourite is this one right here! I was supposed to post this piece over the weekend but my photos arrived late from the photographer. He claimed that he had one shoot after another that held him up. This may sound very inconviencing but it happens. I’ll talk about my photographer and […]

The Colour of Gold

Consider the colour black a golden colour even though it’s mostly associated with sadness. This is that one colour that everybody showcases during funerals and sad occasions in life. Did you know that black is not only meant to be associated with sadness? On my birthday this year, black was the theme colour and I managed to capture a few shots in this black romper. Turns out this are the most elegant photos have ever […]


Guys, this is a short one. Feeling confused about what to step out in during that event you’ve been looking forward to, then blue is the color. Is it that birthday party that you’d really love to attend? Is it that wedding that you can’t wait for? Is it your first date or that date that just makes your legs wobble? Is it your graduation? Is it that bridal shower that you don’t seem to […]

It’s never neat, well packaged and clearly numbered 1,2,3…

What if the unexpected suddenly happens and your worst fear is confirmed? What if you lose that parent or sibling you really treasured? What if you don’t get the dream job you’ve been hoping to get after graduating? What if you lose that job you never thought of losing? What if you can’t afford a meal? Just a meal? What if you can’t afford shelter? What if you are unable to pay for children’s fees? […]

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