10 Amazing 4C hairstyles that you may want to try out

Well, this will be helpful if you are wondering what 4C hair is or if your hair is the 4C type. Though slightly similar to 4B hair, here is what marks the huge distinction between 4C hair and 4B hair It’s that type of natural African hair that shrinks by up to 75% or more. 4C hair experiences the greatest amount of shrinkage than the other hair textures according to Allure Blog. 4C hair has […]

Valuable things to spend your time doing during this COVID-19 period; don’t overthink it

Reminiscing about my birthday 2020 I have been missing in action since I published the post about my birthday on 22/05/2020. I took a valid break to get in touch with my soul, not that I had lost touch with my soul but everyone needs that reconnection one in a while. Voila I’m back! What a day (22nd ) to born especially for those of us who always look forward to end month because it’s the time we are anticipating our salaries and my company doesn’t pay employees that early but once every dog has […]

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