Former President of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi Passes on

Former President of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi has passed on. He was born in 1924. Moi joined KANU in 1964 and was appointed Minister for Home Affairs that same year. He entered politics when he was an elected member of the Legislative Council for Rift Valley in 1955.He was the Vice President from 1967-1978.

Moi being sworn in

Moi became the second president of Kenya in 1978 after the death of President Jomo Kenyatta. In January 1982 he survived a coup d’etat. In 2001, his party KANU, merged with Raila Odinga’s National Development Party (NDP). His wife, Helena died in Bomet in 2004.

Moi left Power in 2002 and proceeded to retirement. Moi was hospitalized in Nairobi on Mach 29,2019 and later in October 2019. He has died on 4th February 2020.

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