Happy Internationals Women’s Day

Yesterday, the world celebrated international women’s day which is a day dedicated to the womenfolk.  We are worth all the celebration. We are irreplaceable. Take a keen look at the planet earth without women and imagine what an enormous void there will be left to fill. To date some of us, wonder why women celebrate themselves with so much zeal and passion. Let me give you a deep meaning to support days like this allocated to women

As a woman, I’m convinced we are worth every single applause. It is our portion and we continue to receive it in many ways. I’ll mention one of the many reasons that makes convinced we are worth the celebration. It is none other than the agonizing pain of menstrual cramps that some of us endure every month. I am a victim of this and ooh boy, it’s tough. When I look back each time, I ask myself how I have survived this for 10+ years. It is exhausting. It is more than uncomfortable. It is the worst kind of pain I have ever experienced. It is an excruciating kind of pain that consumes you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Refer to this article where, 21 women describe their experience of what period pain feels like.

It’s important to let those who don’t know or haven’t experienced this to understand exactly what period pain is. For me I’d put it this way, it’s like someone is continuously piercing your uterine wall with a sharp hot sword. On top of that, at times, it comes with headaches, blotting of the stomach, diarrhea and nausea. I don’t know whether I’m the only one but it’s usually untimely. That day when you have an exam to write, an interview you have been waiting for eternity or a presentation to make, then your period lands without a signal and the cramps begin.

This is womanhood. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is worth experiencing the happy and the challenging times. It is a great lesson worth living by. He is also passing a meaningful message to us. Don’t you think so too? Next time you hear us shouting about women’s day or mothers’ day at least you now know one important reason why.

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