Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Some of us may miss a point or two as to why this day is worth celebrating, which is okay because we are all entitled to our own opinions. It’s a free world, isn’t it? I believe it is. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with somebody and the person mentioned that it has never made sense to them (don’t want to mention whether it was a he or she) why this day is considered a big day, why the day widely recognized, why women are adored and celebrated, why the day is commemorated with a lot zeal. Wow, we are in the 21st century, right? I just had to pinch myself and reconfirm. My take: I understand why that’s done and I will always celebrate mothers.

I really feel pained by this kind of thinking. We should not be agitated by the fact that mothers are celebrated once a year. I celebrate and will always celebrate my mother and all the mother figures as long as I live. This is a day to honor motherhood.

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I would say the following about my mother:

  • She is that person I know has unconditional love for me.
  • She is that woman that in whose eyes I see pain and in whose voice I sense grief when I’m troubled.
  • She is that one human being that always calls me numerous times even if it’s just a cold that I’m suffering from.
  • She is always interested in knowing how my day turned out.
  • She is that person that never judges me despite my shortcomings because she knows me best.
  • She is that one friend that always has my back.
  • She is that one buddy that calls me when my heart is disturbed and I lack the courage to confide in anyone.
  • She has saved my life countless times.
  • She is that kind soul that’s always happy when I’m thriving and always wants the best for me.
  • Above all, she showers me with unconditional love.

This particular day my mum felt my pain and came through. I was in intense pain. I felt like I was going to die and actually I was ready to die that at that moment. My entire abdominal area was boiling like a furnace. Period cramps, right? I believe she understands better than anyone else. This day very day it hit me hard and my usual painkillers did nothing to ease the pain. At some point I had given. The pain was unbearable, Suddenly my phone began vibrating. I stretched my right hand to reach my phone. Just at the right time. How did you know. I knew it was an angel calling me. Nobody else but my mama. She knew one of her children was not okay and her fear was confirmed when she made that call and I picked up the phone crying. Let’s just jump out of this flashback for now.

This is just but one of the many scenarios my mum has really come through for me when I was at the edge of shattering and crumbling. Mothers feel it when something is up with their children.They sense it even when they are miles away. A few years back I attended this function and didn’t seem to understand when one of the mums who was in our company identified that it was her child crying yet they were very many kids playing together and to me they all sounded the same. As the children played we had a cry and she definitely knew that was her child and she stopped whatever she was doing and off she ran to the playground.

Let’s get back to my story.

“What has happened to this child?”

I could hear her whisper to someone in the background when I was to confused to utter my first words. It only our mothers who refer to us ‘child’ regardless our age just to remind us that we will always be their little ones regardless of the age factor. Even if your 50 and you hurt, your mother feels equally hurt. She feels your pain.

My other has always reminded us to love one another, stay united and stay in touch with one another and never talk ill of each other as siblings especially now that we are all grown and everybody may want their opinions heard. She is the kind of person who will not allow any of us to badmouth the other person. Instead she always tells us:

“I want you people to love one another.”

I have 4 siblings and I’m the second child and the only girl and together we are 5!

I did not understand for along time but I now appreciate the effort in she put in teaching us the value of love and unity. In today’s world, it is very easy to fall out even with your siblings and we have seen it happen and families divided. I just wanna appreciate my mum for teaching my brothers and I the word ‘love’ from the very beginning. I will pass this unto my children God-willingly. After all love is the greatest commandment mentioned in the bible.

Lastly, I am not a mother yet but I know it is a great responsibility. Besides, the older I have grown and reminisced the things my mother did to make who we are today, I a grateful. What can I say? It takes a lot to bring up one, two, five even up to ten children. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures. I also want to appreciate all the fathers and father figures who have made it possible for mothers to be called MOTHERS. You are too worth celebrating today. Let’s meet on 21/06/2020 and honor all the father figures.

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