Happy Valentine’s 2020

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on 14th February. It’s an international festival that celebrates love. It’s Saint Valentine’s Day that’s celebrated to mark the death anniversary of the Christian legend. In the developed countries, February 14th is considered as a national holiday. Today, Valentine’s Day has become a day for lovers. However, it should be a day to express love to anyone and not only limited for lovers.

Saint Valentine was a total of 14 saints who dedicated their lives for Ancient Rome. Some people believe valentine’s is a tribute to one of the 14 saints. In Christianity, the day is celebrated with a big feast to mark the day Saint Valentine was buried and to celebrate love for their love. This tells us the ideal reason why valentine’s is celebrated has nothing to do with the love between two lovers.

In today’s world, valentine’s has become a day when a man expresses his love to a woman and a woman equally expresses his love for man. The feeling called love is celebrated during valentine’s. That’s the essence of valentine’s day. Love between a man and a woman is the most celebrated kind of love. According to love, all types of love are beautiful. Valentine’s is celebrated to pay tribute to Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life for the cause of love.

Look beyond the surface value

This day of valentine if you don’t have a lover in your life, don’t despair or feel less of a person. Instead, recognize those people in your life who truly love you and show a sign of gratitude to them for having stood by you in your times of need and at all times.

Look beyond the surface value of this day. If you are a girlfriend or wife, express your love to your partner and men to do the same. Don’t forget to show love to other people who are of great significance in your life. Today is a day of being grateful for one another.

To begin with, thank God for his undying and unconditional love for us.

Be thankful to your parents

Thank your parents for the true love they have showed you over the years that surpasses nay earthly love. Thank them for molding you into the kind of person you are today. Send sweet messages to them and buy them special gifts. You never know. There are people who only wish their parents were alive so that they would do the same.

Appreciate your partner

Say thank you to your partner for being there for you despite the circumstances you have faced in your relationship. It shows they really love you and are willing to stand by you at all times.

Don’t forget to reach out to friends

Don’t forget to thank your friends who have believed in you when everybody else lost hope in you. Friends know us to an extent that even our own parents don’t. Appreciate your friends this valentine’s.

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Touch a soul

Finally, do something that will touch one or two souls out there. Visit a children’s home or an elderly home. This people have nowhere to call home and probably nobody in the world to call family.

It’s all about spreading love of every kind in every way this valentine.

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