Heart to Heart

I had planned the content I’ll share in 2020 but Coronavirus wasn’t in the list but here I am. The deadly virus has set the whole world into a panic mode. Wow, God. Your plans are unpredictable. What message are you passing on to us with this? Did we take everything for granted? Did we feel entitled and forget to thank you for the simple things? We have just concluded the first quarter of the year and we aren’t certain what lies ahead of us. China has fought the virus with many deaths recorded and life slowly getting back to normal. But in my home country it looks like we are just beginning the fight with more infections being recorded daily. In Kenya, we are at 72 as at now after the first case was announced on 13/03/2020. May we remember to thank God when all this has passed. May we never forget that it’s you who has he final say over our lives. We entirely depend on you. I mean did we just begin a new decade with tragedy?

10 years from now, this will be my reference point and that of my readers as well. It will be meaningless to me if I failed to document this pandemic and how it affected lives in my blog. We must not remain the same when all this has passed. We must not take the little things for granted like being able to wake up and run our businesses as usual. Right now everything isn’t normal. We spend most of our times in our houses which is starting to get o me. It’s mentally draining. On a personal level, I postponed very many things because I was convinced I had all the time to do that. I can’t even plan photoshoots for my blog. Very sad.

Let’s face the coronavirus and deal with it because one day we will be a proud society, nation and planet. We will be transformed individuals. My heartfelt condolences to all families around the world who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. It is extremely painful one has to be secluded and die alone and nobody by their side. To China, this is not your disease as has been eluded by some. It’s for the entire world to fight and eliminate. I’m convinced we’ll all learn.

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