Letting go and seeking peace

Today I’m going to talk about the power of letting go and the freedom that comes with letting go all that hurt us. I have read a couple of stories on this topic and watched many videos on the same in order to get a clear understating of what a hurt soul goes through.

One thing that stood out for me throughout my research is the feeling of relieve and happiness that comes with letting go that which hurt us. Many a times we think it’s only relationships that may hurt us. No. The list is long. Family issues, loss of a loved one, lack of a child, lack of basic needs, loneliness, illness, name it all can all hurt us.

Letting go ain’t easy at all. There’s the painful period when you just want to scream and cry yourself to sleep. This is the worst time of the whole process of hurting that can really tear us into very fine pieces. But it is important to go through this phase because if we postpone it, it will come back later at certain points of our lives.

The moment of negotiation then comes knocking next. This is the time when at times you feel great while at times you feel low and begin negotiations within your mind. You begin trying to justify some things that happened. You begin questioning the wrongs and rights. It’s a whole process that can go on and on. This is a vital phase in the whole healing process.

Finally when you’ve gone through the tough moments and healed, you begin to see the world in a new angle and experience things with an open minded. You have at this point forgiven yourself and that which hurt us. You begin to experience the beauty and peace that’s freely available in this planet. We all know peace is always beautiful.

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