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There is nothing fulfilling as being complemented for your own work, your own initiative or something you decided to do for passion and not because you were obliged to do it. It makes your heart leap with joy. This may not seem as a win for an already established online content creator but for me it’s a definite milestone considering I only work on my blog during my free times. It’s not my main job at the moment.

In some of my previous posts, I revealed that I started writing on 20th October 2019. That’s approximately 4 months ago. That’s a short time right? All bloggers know that growing a blog in terms of views and getting recognition for your work doesn’t come easily. However, I’m happy with some positive feedback I have gotten in the past few days.

On 7th and 14th of this month, I got the most views in my blog. Do you know why? The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) recognized me as the blogger of the week during the Valentine’s week. During the same week I published an article titled-Red and pink things you need to discover this Valentine’s. I guess the more reason I featured as the blogger of the week.

One secret about blogging and content creation in general is that you have to create timely content that people will relate to at that time. For example, when it’s valentine’s come up with content about valentine. You cannot be writing or creating videos about Christmas during Valentine’s. This one tactic I have been reading about and finally came to confirm that works in growing your audience.

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The second reason as to why to why I’m impressed is because of m blog feature on bake as one of the upcoming bloggers. The article was published on BAKE’S blog on 07/02/2020 and I got many views on blog as a result of that during that period. The article is titled Soaring High.

It’s been a short period but worth telling a story about. As a Kenyan blogger, I would recommend you join BAKE so that your work can reach more audience. It’s a great platform for promoting your work alongside other marketing methods available for bloggers. To register feel free to follow this link.

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