One day I’ll say I did it!

One day I’ll say I created and designed my own blog and talk about the inspiration behind it,

One day I’ll remember that very first post I published at,

One day I’ll say I followed my passion and fulfilled my purpose,

One day I’ll be thankful for not sticking to what did not create satisfaction,

One day I’ll wonder where all the energy and courage came from,

One day I’ll imagine what the inspiration behind all this was and what the drive was,

One day I’ll remember the first day I learnt of the term Keratoconus and my the numbness I felt throughout my whole body,

One day I’ll recall the fact that I had to go back to work acting normal after being told my eyes are affected by Keratoconus,

One day I’ll have that hearty laughter when I recall the moment someone complimented me for having beautiful eyes and I almost uttered the ridiculous words “… but they are giving me problems and have landed me in me theatre”,

One day I’ll be proud of myself for being able to stay calm and composed after being advised that surgery wasn’t an option for both my eyes,

One day I’ll talk about the fear of being made aware of the possibilty of losing one of my 5 senses-vision if I don’t do 1,2,3…

One day I’ll share the anxiety I had when almost everyone I told I’ll go through an eye surgery was scared for me more than I was scared myself…hahaha, what a world we live in!

One day I’ll narrate the process of lying on my back conscious for an hour and being told not to move even an inch all because of crosslinking,”Doctor, did you know my back felt like that lifeless log when I got up?”

One day I’ll be disappointed at myself for being cranky and getting pissed off by every little thing when that burning sensation started about one hour after the surgery, God what was that about? Keratoconus patients who have had crosslinking performed on them know what I’m talking about.

One day I’ll go back to that support staff who served me breakfast after my left eye was operated on and thank her for the second time …thank you lady, that jam you spread on that slice, you were on top of your game. Sorry I could not manage the lunch and had to leave it, the anaesthesia had lost it’s power by then …hahaha, can’t believe I’m writing this, one thing with me is that I notice the nitty gritty things as opposed to bigger things.

One day it will dawn on me that I was seated on my bed, that bed covered in pinky pinky bedding, composing this piece.

One day I’ll be thrilled when I look at the smile that have owned for twenty something years. .

One day I’ll be nolstagic of the I won one of the awards for dressing best during customer service week at work. I was overjoverjoyed because this award happened during my first year of service to the company. It’s not a small one, mmh?

Finally, one day I’ll be happy I chose this road and I will smile from ear to ear.


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