Happy Internationals Women’s Day

Yesterday, the world celebrated international women’s day which is a day dedicated to the womenfolk.  We are worth all the celebration. We are irreplaceable. Take a keen look at the planet earth without women and imagine what an enormous void there will be left to fill. To date some of us, wonder why women celebrate themselves with so much zeal and passion. Let me give you a deep meaning to support days like this allocated […]


I’m beginning a category in my bog on Career and Work Tips to inform and educate on some of the important ways we should carry ourselves in the professional world. I will be sharing about interview tips and how to deal with different scenarios at work. Never say I don’t know. When somebody asks you a question and you don’t know the answer. Never say I don’t know. Instead, tell the person that you aren’t […]

Letting go and seeking peace

Today I’m going to talk about the power of letting go and the freedom that comes with letting go all that hurt us. I have read a couple of stories on this topic and watched many videos on the same in order to get a clear understating of what a hurt soul goes through. One thing that stood out for me throughout my research is the feeling of relieve and happiness that comes with letting […]

How to Remove Word “Category” From Title of Category Page

Hello guys, today I found a solution to something I have been trying to figure out in my blog for months now but I always failed. Buy today, voila! I got managed to get rid of that word category from the title of my pages. So we will get just a little bit technical. For those who use WordPress and are doing all the design by themselves, sometimes it takes longer than you expected to […]

My heart is full

There is nothing fulfilling as being complemented for your own work, your own initiative or something you decided to do for passion and not because you were obliged to do it. It makes your heart leap with joy. This may not seem as a win for an already established online content creator but for me it’s a definite milestone considering I only work on my blog during my free times. It’s not my main job […]

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