Happy Valentine’s 2020

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on 14th February. It’s an international festival that celebrates love. It’s Saint Valentine’s Day that’s celebrated to mark the death anniversary of the Christian legend. In the developed countries, February 14th is considered as a national holiday. Today, Valentine’s Day has become a day for lovers. However, it should be a day to express love to anyone and not only limited for lovers. Saint Valentine was a total of 14 […]

Red and pink things you need to discover this Valentine’s

Is there any color nature can miss? This valentine, take time and explore the reds and pinks. It’s the ideal way to learn about colors, cultures and seasons.   Red and pink insects Let’s dive into the insects that have red coloring. Did you that frogs, crabs and spiders have red coloring? Which other creature do you know that falls in this category? How about the deep dark red of the seven-spot ladybird? Red the […]

Let’s get into the Valentine’s mood

It’s exactly 5 days to Valentine’s day 2020 and I can already feel the aroma of love in the air. For that reason l, each day until 14th February I’ll be publishing a short article just to get us in the mood. Right? It is great to feel loved but it’s important that we embrace self love as well. In the same spirit, let’s never forget that Agape love is the unending love God has […]

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