BAKE FEATURE 07/02/2020

By Judy Mbugua: Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. With Alice Ougo, she found something that was worth reading and ventured into writing. Alice is an upcoming blogger who has found a passion for writing through her life experiences. Just 4 months in, she is steadily growing and constantly creating content and slowly gaining a following. She juggles her blog, studies and a fulltime job at the […]

10 Stylish Ways to wear Denim Shorts

Hi lovely people, today it’s about denim shorts. I’m going to illustrate 10 cool ways to pull off that cool denim shorts look with your favorite top or shirt. Take a look. The first photo is of me with my favorite pair of denim shorts, a black top with ankle boots. The brown belt highlights that bold look intended for such an outfit. Number 1 c/o martin-lopez Number 2 is c/o kal-visuals Number is c/o […]

Former President of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi Passes on

Former President of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi has passed on. He was born in 1924. Moi joined KANU in 1964 and was appointed Minister for Home Affairs that same year. He entered politics when he was an elected member of the Legislative Council for Rift Valley in 1955.He was the Vice President from 1967-1978. Moi became the second president of Kenya in 1978 after the death of President Jomo Kenyatta. In January 1982 he […]

Vanessa Byant Speaks Out

Kobe Byant’s wife Vanessa finally spoke out on her loss. After four long days of silence and grief, Vanessa decided to pour her feelings to the world. Right after the news broke out about her husband’s passing, Vanessa locked down her social media accounts. With so many words of support, the legend’s beloved wife is ready to tell it all. This is the heartfelt message Vanessa posted on instagram: Kobe contacted Shareef O’neal right before […]

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